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Stone Care And Protection Tips

Stone Care And Protection Tips   Your natural stone brings beauty and sophistication to your home. That’s one good reason to do everything in your power to keep that stone looking its best. Here are six stone care and protection tips for keeping all the natural stone surfaces in your home beautiful:Always protect your natural stone surfaces from damage by using trivets under hot pots and pans, coasters under drinks — particularly alcoholic beverages and fruit juices — and area rugs, runners, and/or non-slip...

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Natural Stone Cleaning and Maintenance Dos & Don’ts

Natural Stone Cleaning and Maintenance Dos & Don’ts   Natural stone adds a classic elegance to your home that’s hard to match. Yet, proper care and cleaning are critical factors in keeping your stone surfaces looking just as beautiful as they did when you first installed them. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts for the proper cleaning and maintenance of your natural stone surfaces: DosDo protect your natural stone tables and countertops from damage by using trivets, coasters, and placemats, and use area rugs, runners, or...

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